P R O P E L L E R E D    M I R R O R E D


2 x 4 meters wide industrial, circular propellers mounted inside an abandoned factory pavilion
2 x large mid-century accent chairs, each chair facing each of the propeller units
96 triangle-shaped mirror fragments forming 16 hexagon-shaped mirror reflectors
2 x 12V electro motors, 1 x 12V truck battery, 2 x piezo electric vibration detector
2CH projection video, 2CH sound configuration, computer running custom software

▷ Time may seem to vary exceedingly.
▷ Aesthetic responses may be greatly heightened.
▷ Depth perception may be heightened and perspective distorted. 
▷ Normally unnoticed aspects of the environment may capture the attention.
▷ A more keen awareness of geometrical forms and landscapes may be present. 
▷ Microscopic sounds, objects and shapes may become very clear and apparent.
▷ Tiny changes in the environment may seem like an eternity and might assume unusual importance.
▷ The spatial arrangements of objects and events may provoke extraordinary sensations and feelings such as nostalgia or strange familiarity. 

P R O P E L L E R E D  ⬡  M I R R O R E D  is a site-specific, slowly-moving, audio-visual experience which tends to induce some of the above mentioned effects. The piece is meant to be freely and safely observed. However, it might also trigger a certain amount of unpleasant feelings such as claustrophobia or undue fear of being “captured” in such immersive and deeply captivating environment.
While some of these effects might be more present than others, none of them are guaranteed to occur.

10/10-13/10/2015 @ Ex Furniture Factory POBEDA, Bela Crkva, Serbia.