2015 | Site-Specific / Interactive / Audio-Visual Installation

Two huge Industrial propellers suited inside an abandoned factory pavilion / A huge square-shaped room with no windows or any external lighting coming from the outside | 96 triangle-shaped mirror fragments forming 16 hexagon-shaped reflectors - All arranged on the moving propellers | Two large mid-century accent chairs / Each chair facing each of the propeller units | 38 wooden apple boxes holding 2 beamers on the opposite side of the room | Computer, 2.1 sound configuration, 2 x piezo electric vibration detectors, 2 x 12v electro motors, 1 x 12v truck battery.

Photos taken @ Ex Furniture Factory PODBEDA. Courtesy of Agora Art Action. 

▷ Keener awareness of geometrical forms and landscapes may be present.
▷ Depth perception may be heightened and perspective distorted.
▷ Time may seem to vary exceedingly.
▷ Aesthetic responses may be greatly heightened.
▷ Normally unnoticed aspects of the environment may capture the attention.
▷ Microscopic sounds, objects and shapes may become very clear and apparent.
▷ The spatial arrangements of objects inside the space may provoke extraordinary       sensations and feelings such as nostalgia or strange familiarity.
▷ Tiny changes in the environment might seem like an eternity.
▷ Everything in the field of sonic awareness might assume unusual importance.

PROPELLERED ⬡ MIRRORED is a site-specific audio-visual experience that is felt to provoke some of the above mentioned effects. The piece is meant to be freely and safely observed. However, it might also trigger a certain amount of unpleasant feelings such as claustrophobia or undue fear of being “captured” in such immersive and slowly-moving environment. While some of the above-mentioned effects might be more present than others, none of them are guaranteed to occur.

Photos taken @ Ex Furniture Factory PODBEDA. Courtesy of Agora Art Action.

PROPELLERED ⬡ MIRRORED was developed during a 2-months time frame, as part of AGORA Art Action artist-in-residence program. It was premiered from 10th until 13th of October, 2015 inside one of the abandoned pavilions of the ex-furniture factory POBEDA.

AGORA Art Action is a new initiative on Serbia’s cultural scene, which gathers young and established artists focused on contemporary artistic creation. AGORA is based in the industrial building complex of the ex factory POBEDA in Bela Crkva, Serbia.

Special thanks to Nenad Bracic, Dragana Brankovic, Dragan Pakovic, Sinisa Franjkovic, Dejan Milenkovic, Bojan Savic and everyone else around the lovely community of AGORA for making this project possible.


10/10-13/10/2015 @ Ex Furniture Factory POBEDA, Bela Crkva, Serbia.