Noitu / Abduct | Polytopes
2014 | Live Audiovisual Performance

Polytopes is an abstract audio-visual journey based on pure live improvisation. Both sound and imagery are driven by an almost infinite, generative environment.

The system is constantly outputting random polytope-shaped geometric objects that are moving in a a three-dimensional space while also keeping a tight synchronisation with the micro-precise rhythmic patterns and the clean, static, almost drone-ish like atmospheres and melodies which are continuously floating in the background.

Polytopes is developed as a collaborative effort between Saso Puckovski [MKD] and Rodrigo Guzman [MEX].


03.06.2014 - Polytopes Alpha Version @ Stop.Look.Listen / Spanish House, Belgrade, SR

12.07.2014 - Polytopes @ RoHam / Experimental Showcase Night, Budapest, HU

18.09.2014 - Polytopes @ Noiscope 2.0 / Ada Pulawska, Warsaw, PL